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Thinking of Purchasing a Home with a Swimming Pool?

       We offer a Pool Inspection Service for Home Buyers that can SAVE YOU$$$!!!  Time and time again, subquently to purchasing a home with a pool, previous customers have contacted us advising that their pool was full of unexpected costly repairs. The buyers wished a pool inspection had been done BEFORE the purchase. A qualified inspection would have saved them thousands of dollars. In doing so, they could have negotiated a better price for the house to cover the hidden cost of pool repairs. They would have SAVED money, instead of incuring additional cost. When a house goes up for sale, sometimes a seller will do a quick fix to maximize his/her profits. Unfortunately, for the buyer this may look good at the present time, but can have costly consequences in the future.

       For example, if the pool's marcite needs to be redone, a seller may paint it white. While this may look like new marcite, in a year or two, the paint will start to delaminate and look terrible. This will require sandplasting to remove the paint, plus adding new pool finish with approximate cost of $5,000 extra! To fill this need, we decided to add a Pool Inspection Service Division. Building a pool is a specialty item and requires different expertise than building a house. I am a building contractor and have extensive knowledge and experience in building pools. I know both sides of the spectrum. For a flat fee of $175.00, I will give you a 20 point written report that includes the following major items: • Pool Structure • Tile • Pool Decking • Plumbing • Electrical • Pool Accessories.  I feel confident I can SAVE YOU $$$ on your next home purchase.  Call  for  an  appointment  at  727.823.3829.

I will be looking forward to your call. –  Greg


We offer our services to

Brick Pavers

Brick pavers provide superior drainage, crack resistance

and pleasing to the eye. They are structurelly sound and durable

for Pool Decks, Driveways, Porches, Steps and Walkways



Travertine pavers commonly serve as decorative and highly

functional elements for many outdoor gatherings, making them

integral features for all types of properties. The durability

and unsurpassed hardness of travertine will meet your

standards for looks and functionality while also

making for long-lasting, reliable pavers.

• Porches • Steps • Walkways

• Deck Sealing • Driveways

• Segmented Retainer Walls

• Pools Remodeling, Equipment

Replacement & Inspections

• Solar Energy

Screen Enclosures

Great for keeping bugs, snakes, and other pests our with our
screened pool enclosures. These enclosures also add
valuable square footage to your home. Your pool will
stay spotlessand pest-free with our custom-made screens.